Taming Tragedy

Within the last few weeks of I have discovered many new things about the life I want to live. Aside from the pre-stated aspect of becoming one with nature, I want to become one with peace. Yoga has become my new obsession, and for someone who has gone 18 years doing minimal activity, I am … Continue reading Taming Tragedy

Becoming New

Along with all the wonders of our world, comes the most daunting question of all: How to be happy? Although the wisdom I have achieved throughout my close to twenty years on earth,  is not at all comparable to many others who have been victims to absolute tragedy. Never the less, there is a single … Continue reading Becoming New

8:46 AM

It's 8:46 AM, and I've just woken up. My curtains are already pulled back for me, but I wake up in an empty bed. With slow heavy steps I make my way to the washroom. I clean myself, I rid myself of toxins and lies. I let myself be engulfed with homogenous liquid. The droplets … Continue reading 8:46 AM


Every daffodil has six petals. In each life time, they will sit silently, and watch each one of their little arms decay and fly away. On the second day of October, a lone black sparrow, graceful as an angel, few above the field of bright white daffodils, breaking at the sun. As each petal exposed … Continue reading Daffodil


My darling had golden eyes. They weren’t green nor brown like the rest. Honey kissed rays were duller than dust, compared to her crystalline. On our white sheets we rolled over hills. We swam in bodies of water blossomed with the silver spirits of the herds until nightfall came, and the galaxies tattooed our skin. … Continue reading Howls