Taming Tragedy

Within the last few weeks of I have discovered many new things about the life I want to live. Aside from the pre-stated aspect of becoming one with nature, I want to become one with peace. Yoga has become my new obsession, and for someone who has gone 18 years doing minimal activity, I am … Continue reading Taming Tragedy


Becoming New

Along with all the wonders of our world, comes the most daunting question of all: How to be happy? Although the wisdom I have achieved throughout my close to twenty years on earth,  is not at all comparable to many others who have been victims to absolute tragedy. Never the less, there is a single … Continue reading Becoming New

8:46 AM

It's 8:46 AM, and I've just woken up. My curtains are already pulled back for me, but I wake up in an empty bed. With slow heavy steps I make my way to the washroom. I clean myself, I rid myself of toxins and lies. I let myself be engulfed with homogenous liquid. The droplets … Continue reading 8:46 AM