Taming Tragedy

Within the last few weeks of I have discovered many new things about the life I want to live. Aside from the pre-stated aspect of becoming one with nature, I want to become one with peace.

Yoga has become my new obsession, and for someone who has gone 18 years doing minimal activity, I am proud to say I feel alive.

Being stuck in tragedy is something that I do not wish upon my worst nightmare. When one is stuck in an endless circle of hate for the world and for the self, the path is not clear. I can comfortably say that I can see before me a path that is enrobed with light. Nevertheless, I am aware that many people suffer, as I once did.

As a writer, I spend most of my day in constant search of a muse. A calling to spark my creativity and enrich my soul. This week has been braided with how to defeat tragedy. I believe that happiness begins with nothingness. Diminish your thoughts, your sorrows, your worries, your weight on this earth, let go of friends and strings you no longer want to be attached to.

In the past two months I have accomplished

  1. thinking about today- not yesterday or tomrrow
  2. letting go of what cannot be changed- embracing what now is- and striving for a better tomorrow
  3. detoxing my body with nutrients- replenishing my body with water
  4. thanking my body with yoga- remembering to breathe, breathing is all we really need to live, and that is often forgotten
  5. let go of negative people and energies- cutting off relationships that hindered at my freedom- and starting new ones that open doors
  6. cutting off my dead hair
  7. taking off my acrylic nails
  8. being patient.

There is a way to life that isn’t superficial. I want to find it, and I want all of you to find it.

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing. If we all lived with open hearts and open minds with littler concern, maybe one day we would have peace on Earth.

Baby steps, I always say.

Time may be life’s greatest evil, but patience is a blessing.



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