8:21 AM-10:28 AM

As my life goes on I have realized that the only way to survive is to let go of everything superficial. Being a young female who still lives at home, makes my task of isolating myself from the vanity of life all the more challenging.

This morning I woke to the harsh sounds of electric tools outside my window. The peace of the day has already been disturbed, never the less I am on a search for optimism. With baby steps I continue my journey into a life free of toxicity.

I’ll sit by my window for an hour, slowly sipping on a litre of water. Absorbing the light rays until every atom of dust and fire slowly fill my lungs. I exhale the darkness to take in the light. Then I will sit and stare and dream until my body is at peace.

I’ll imagine my body in a meadow of sunflowers. I’ll pluck one from the ground and count the petals over and over again even though the answer will always be the same. Then I’ll move to the next one, will it be 34, 55 or 89? I’ll keep counting until I’m sure.

Some times I forget that I’m just sitting in my room. That is when I am most at peace.

To be able to detach oneself completely from the face of the earth, and still be alive is the greatest gift the human mind can provide.


3 thoughts on “8:21 AM-10:28 AM

  1. charliezero1.wordpress.com says:

    I know what you mean about isolating yourself and staying off those or being away superficial people. It consuming, hearing the same thing over and over from nonsensical people who talk about the same BS.

    It’s not easy…being alone and away from everything. Being at home can be peaceful but sometimes you want to talk to someone. Someone that will listen to you and understand what your feeling or going through. I know these feelings your expressing because I’m going through them and have been for years. If you need a friend to talk to…I’m here to listen.

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