My darling had golden eyes.

They weren’t green nor brown like the rest.

Honey kissed rays were duller than dust,

compared to her crystalline.

On our white sheets we rolled over hills.

We swam in bodies of water blossomed

with the silver spirits of the herds until

nightfall came, and the galaxies tattooed our skin.

Her heart roared louder than lions pressed against

my pink chest. And when she cried, all the droplets

from the Adriatic Sea poured out her rosebud eyes.

Creasing at the peaks of our white sheets.

Her limbs wrapped over mine like thorn vines.

She tore at my flesh and adjusted to my curvatures.

And I never cut her away, I didn’t believe in pain.

Our entire love was a jungle.

One night the winds flew in cold from

the North. I felt her drift away from me, each pore

slowly unhooked from mine until I was loose

from her embrace, and she howled with the winds.

The next morning a single cloud awoke the sky.

On Tuesday it rained,

On Wednesday it rained,

On Thursday it rained,

Then all at once,

On Friday she drowned.


3 thoughts on “Howls

  1. says:

    Holy! wow! What inspired you to write this incredible poem?

    I must say, reading your work has brought a new look into poetic writing. You my new friend have brought a freshness of beautiful love of dreams and what one is feeling emotionally inside.

    I see this poem as a metaphor of hope and creativity within the self and how one heals and inspires anyone to not be afraid and express yourself freely.

    First off, thank you for liking my new poem and following my page. I did the same as well and returning the favor. So, are you new to WordPress? How long have you been writing poems? Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lavender Lilies says:

      Hi there ! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, an yes I am fairly new to WordPress ( less then a week here ) however I have been writing poetry quite frequently over the past year and a half. Writing really has been my passion for a very long time.
      I was inspired to write this poem while trying to get published in a literature journal with the theme “wild”, my poem ‘Howls’ became the outcome. I made the woman become one with nature and animals. I believe that the world around us really is a reflection of an inner state of serenity, and for that I often incorporate nature in a lot that I write. Take care, Sophia.


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