The Last Moment of My Life

It was half past six and my husband had just shut his tender eyes to the batting sound of Miami’s local news anchor. Succumbed to the night angels, there was no creek or crash that would wake him. I gently lift his heavy head from my lap, and let him rest atop a pillow instead. … Continue reading The Last Moment of My Life

8:21 AM-10:28 AM

As my life goes on I have realized that the only way to survive is to let go of everything superficial. Being a young female who still lives at home, makes my task of isolating myself from the vanity of life all the more challenging. This morning I woke to the harsh sounds of electric … Continue reading 8:21 AM-10:28 AM

8:46 AM

It's 8:46 AM, and I've just woken up. My curtains are already pulled back for me, but I wake up in an empty bed. With slow heavy steps I make my way to the washroom. I clean myself, I rid myself of toxins and lies. I let myself be engulfed with homogenous liquid. The droplets … Continue reading 8:46 AM


Every daffodil has six petals. In each life time, they will sit silently, and watch each one of their little arms decay and fly away. On the second day of October, a lone black sparrow, graceful as an angel, few above the field of bright white daffodils, breaking at the sun. As each petal exposed … Continue reading Daffodil


My darling had golden eyes. They weren’t green nor brown like the rest. Honey kissed rays were duller than dust, compared to her crystalline. On our white sheets we rolled over hills. We swam in bodies of water blossomed with the silver spirits of the herds until nightfall came, and the galaxies tattooed our skin. … Continue reading Howls


At the end of a summers night the daffodils and the lady bugs tuck in their babes to sweet clouds of salted mist. From the shore the sirens wave across the cerulean lagoon, to the sea grass and anemones braided in the blue. In ribbons of violet and crimson, the sky lifts the ashes from … Continue reading Blue


Beyond the hollowed out graves and over the tundra the young babes nestled close to keep warm. The mountains cried every time the orange sun cast itself away behind the dust of the purple sky. The stars chewed on the moon, until all was white. Then tiny droplets of lust flowed from the alps to … Continue reading Gloss